04963 - STRREPORT and User problem?

04963 - STRREPORT and User problem?

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STRREPORT and User problem?

Hi, Volker.

The strange this is that I also use the STRREPORT from a CL on the AS/400.
When using the command, I specify the user, e.g. AS400USR and a password
which I keep in a data area on the AS/400. I have the AS400USR setup on the
SAP system and, if I monitor the job, I can see that the AS400USR was used
to sign on to the system. Thereafter, though, the DDIC user is still used
to RUN the job. I don't have a problem with this, but it is a strange
phenomenon to me...


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STRREPORT and User problem?




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SAP on System i

Hi Martin,

you tel us, that you were using STRREPORT in a DOS-pgm. So,I guess,
that you are using an executable for DOS and then use the user xyz
and the corresponding password ?
What is the command-line you are using ?
Or are you using the STRREPORT command on iSeries. There the dafault
user + password would be DDIC.



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