04967 - STRREPORT and User problem?

04967 - STRREPORT and User problem?

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STRREPORT and User problem?

Hi Martin,

as I see the note from Desomond, I think it seems to be the case, that all
these jobs run with the user DDIC, even when logged on with a different user
as you do at the moment. You could perhaps "missuse" the jobname for the
transmitting of the user ?

Unfortunately it is "well-known", that it fails to raise "millions" of
events and then to hope, that EVERY event runs through. Events are designed
to reduce the activity of waiting and looping in order to hand over data to
another job or transaction. This has the opportunity, that the other job
"immediately" gets know of this and can start working. But it is not an
option, to transfer "necessary" data. You should use the following approach:
Create a new table for the data-exchange (in your case probably for the
filenames) and write them committed to the table and then raise the event.
Then, the other program should work on the complete table and should delete
all records, that are processed. This may result in working on a lot of
records at once. Then it may give a few events at the end, that do have no
longer corresponding records in the table. This would just mean, that
nothing would happen.
If you want to call it for every filename, it may be useful, to write
everything into the table first and then just issue 1 event at the end.



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> From: Martin Brieger [mailto:Martin.BriegerZm...]
> Sent: Mittwoch, 6. Februar 2002 21:26
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> Subject: Re: Re: STRREPORT and User problem?
> Hi Volker,
> here the command from my FTP input file
> You see that I have a different user.
> more question:
> My program on the /400 (That nice directory list program you
> kindly send) is raising an event for every file found.
> For some reason the event triggert program is not executed
> for every file. I assume there is a timing issue.
> If I set breakpoints in my program and wait a bit, everything
> works fine. Is there any way to ensure that this works better?
> Maybe the program can re-schedule itself? How would that be done?
> Thanks
> Martin

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