04980 - STRREPORT and User problem?

04980 - STRREPORT and User problem?

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STRREPORT and User problem?

Hi Gerd,

you may be right. But then you should open ticket on this. What definitely
can't be expected is, that the user in the IFS is somebody else than SIDnn.
It is never DDIC or somebody else in the IFS, because we don't have a
mapping between OS-users and SAP users. They mostly doesn't exist at all!



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> Subject: Re: STRREPORT and User problem?
> Hi Volker,
> one of the problems we have is that DDIC does not have all the
> authorities required to execute the programs specified in the
> STRREPORT command. After a user is provided for this command we had
> assumed that it would be used to execute the report program with all
> it's functions. So in our case DDIC cannot be used for the program
> execution.
> Doing some further testing on this subject revealed that the
> executing user is DDIC but any output (datasets, IFS objects) is
> written by the SAPnn user. In our application the ABAP program in the
> STRREPORT command processes some IFS files and writes some
> confirmation information to the IFS again, which we ultimately
> download to a remote UNIX system. That confirmation file is being
> owned by SAPnn and not DDIC under which user id the program runs.
> I feel that if we pass a user id in the STRREPORT program it should
> be used within the SAP environment as the executing user, just like
> it would be when running the ABAP on-line.
> Gerd

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