04997 - SE16

04997 - SE16

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Hello Jerry.

I think you can turn on the SAP feature to record table changes which
produce an audit trail. I'm sorry but at the moment I can't remember where
I saw the documentation at.


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Hello everyone,

You will find the step by step instruction on how to use se16 to
change/add/delete a record in this url

Scroll down to the very bottom and right click on "Changing a record
in a table" and select "Save target as". The downloaded file is in
PDF format.

Now I have a question, if a user deletes/changes/adds a record using
se16, will there be a log recording this action in SAP or on the
database level? From what I know, I think there's none but then I
cound be wrong. What do you think guys?

Best regards,
Jerry Escobia
Sarawak Shell Berhad

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