04998 - SE16

04998 - SE16

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Hi, Jerry/Chris.

To switch on table change logging, you would have to tick the box for "log
data changes" in the "technical settings" for the specific table (use
transaction SE13). Also, in the instance profile, the rec/client parameter
must specify which client you want auditing done on. This switches history
logging ON for all the tables that have "log data changes" marked in their
technical settings.

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Hello Jerry.

I think you can turn on the SAP feature to record table changes which
produce an audit trail. I'm sorry but at the moment I can't remember where
I saw the documentation at.


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Hello everyone,

You will find the step by step instruction on how to use se16 to
change/add/delete a record in this url

Scroll down to the very bottom and right click on "Changing a record
in a table" and select "Save target as". The downloaded file is in
PDF format.

Now I have a question, if a user deletes/changes/adds a record using
se16, will there be a log recording this action in SAP or on the
database level? From what I know, I think there's none but then I
cound be wrong. What do you think guys?

Best regards,
Jerry Escobia
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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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