05004 - Tax Reporting/Audit Requirements DART and Archiving

05004 - Tax Reporting/Audit Requirements DART and Archiving

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Tax Reporting/Audit Requirements DART and Archiving

Hi Doreen,

We went through a similar discussion about six months ago (and are still
going through it actually). Our auditors and two IRS guys said they have
never seen a DART implementation which was satisfactory to the IRS (in
direct contrast to what we were told at the SAP dog and pony show about
DART). Who is correct is still open to debate. However, our backlog of
production orders was causing settlement times in the range of fifteen hours
so some kind of archiving was becoming almost a necessity. I am sorry to say
that a real "archiving plan" is still not in place (Sales wants their orders
online for at least two years, the bean counters want every transaction that
ever hit the general ledger, etc.). We brought in IXOS and they were deemed
way too expensive for what they provided (an optical jukebox and some
encouragement). I hesitate to respond because this is one of the more
frustrating projects I've been involved with since I've been here. I am also
very interested in any results you might get from this poll. There are a
couple of presentations from techeds and ASUG meetings in the past but
ultimately they mostly talk about "low lying fruit" - the easy stuff is not
really where I need help. The best practices documentation from SAP is very
helpful but ultimately it comes down to getting users from different groups
to cooperate and agree on retention levels. Sad to say, but ultimately our
hand will probably be forced by storage limitations (crisis "planning" -
ever been there?). Although Sales was not happy when I "accidentally"
archived three year old sales orders, once they got a look at SARI (the
Archive Infosys/DRB), they were very pleased - one person even commented
that the document flow in the DRB was easier to follow than in the live
system. We will keep nibbling away at this but we are absolutley not going
to be constrained by the panic merchants from the DART project.

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Just wanted to poll the group and ask if anyone has implemented DART and/or

We have just started our archiving analysis/initiative and have found that
PRIOR to Archiving we need to

1. Define our DART requirements (what fields need to be extracted)

2. Create DART extracts (monthly, quarterly, annual) - going back to
our May 1998 go-live

3. Validate DART extracts

4. Once DART extract has been verified we could then begin to archive
the data which was used to build the extract


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