05012 - tp returncode 0219

05012 - tp returncode 0219

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tp returncode 0219

hi saplings,
when releasing a transport request with se10, I get the following error
Test call for transport control program (tp) ended with error code 0219

When I check the authorisations on the subdirectories nobody has
It seems that authorisations has been lost, but I don't know why.
The only thing I suppose is, on Saturday I tried to apply the new kernel
patch but it failed
because not all ptfs were installed. So I did a restore of the before saved
kernel library.

When trying to add authority for a user I get message
"function not supported by file-system".

I'm on 4.0b, V5R1.

Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.

kind regards

Karl Grauer
Amphenol-Tuchel Electronics
August-Haeusser-Str. 10
DE 74080 Heilbronn
phone: +49 7131/929327

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