05021 - tp returncode 0219

05021 - tp returncode 0219

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tp returncode 0219

Hi Volker,
just for your information:
the reason for my problem was the restoring of the kernel library.
After restoring the kernel library, fixr3owns has to be executed
to restore the correct authorisations as described in note 142900.
kind regards

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Hi Karl,

you should have a look with WRKLNK DETAIL(*EXTENDED) . Then you can
determine in front of the trans-dir where it is pointing to. Ifg this is not
the local AS/400, the /sapmnt/trans on that box is NOT used anyway. You
would have to logon on the target machine.



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> Subject: AW: tp returncode 0219
> Hi Volker,
> thanks for the advice for applying new kernel patches.
> When I go with wrklnk (as QSECOFR) --> sapmnt/trans/bin all
> authorisation
> are correct, but directory bin
> and all the other sub-directories (cofiles, data, buffer) are empty.
> When I go with wrklnk (as SIDofr) --> usr/sap/trans/bin,
> trans and bin have
> no authorisation but the tpparam file
> is in the bin-directory and all other sub-directories are
> having their files
> in it.
> I'm going mad. What has changed ? I don't know. I have no idea.
> Karl

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