05023 - OSS Service Level Agreements

05023 - OSS Service Level Agreements

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OSS Service Level Agreements

Hi Rudi.

Thanks for the info. I think my boss is aware of all the items involved for
a message. She just wanted to make sure there wasn't anything written in the
real world that we were not aware of and have it come back and bite us
before we sent an email of to headquarters.


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From: Wiesmayr Rudolf [mailto:Rudolf.WiesmayrZm...]
Sent: Monday, February 11, 2002 12:21 PM
To: 'Sugg, Chris'; SAPLIST (E-mail)
Subject: AW: OSS Service Level Agreements


All we have is a little folder from SAP Austria titled "Support Info".

Prio time to solve (maximum when all support levels are involved)
1 3 days
2 7 days
3 2 weeks
4 4 weeks

I do not think that this is a formal SLA you can insist on...

And the "time to help" is very strongly dependent on the people
who read your message and the level of seriousness and detail
you provide...

Kind regards

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Von: Sugg, Chris [mailto:cgcsuggZn...]
Gesendet: Montag, 11. Februar 2002 14:47
An: SAPLIST (E-mail)
Betreff: OSS Service Level Agreements

Hello Saplings.

I am looking for any service level agreement documents that exist between
SAP and the customer for OSS messages that have been opened up. I have
looked in OSS but could not find anything. Does anyone know of such a


Chris Sugg
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Greenville, NC 27834-2011
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