05026 - Problem installing 4.6C IDES

05026 - Problem installing 4.6C IDES

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Problem installing 4.6C IDES

I'm trying to install 4.6C IDES into my 820 server at V5R1 with all
necessary PTFs applied according to APAR II12833. I used kernel CD
no.51010599 and six IDES CDs no.51011378 that came together in the
same package.

Since I noticed that kernel CD 51010599 does not support V5R1, so
after the R3SETUP library was installed, I applied patches for
R3SETUP, R3LOAD, and R3CHECK before continuing with R3SETUP command.
But the installation failed with a message

Switch to user I11OFR failed
ERROR 2002-02-12 14:30:54 DBCREATEDB_IND_DB4 InternalInstallationDo:0
Switch to user I11OFR failed. Do a DSPJOB and select option 1.
Display job status attributes. If CURRENT USER PROFILE is <SID>OFR
the user switch back to user QSECOFR did not work. Sign
off from your current AS/400 session and sign on again as QSECOFR.

But it looked normal to me when I check the job information and
joblog. Signing off and on again with QSECOFR did not help. The
installation always failed at this step.

Note no. 370284 did not help because the library R3<sid>DATA was not
created yet.

Any suggestion ? Thanks.

Satid S.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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