05045 - QNTC

05045 - QNTC

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Hi Martin,
Are you trying to create a file in the QNTC directory with your open
dataset command?

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Subject: QNTC

02/12/2002 01:15


Please respond to

SAP on System i

Hi Guys,

problem finally solved.

Where I got all confused was the SAPnn user.

I couldn't quite understand why in heaven I have to use that user and
configure it on my W2K Server and indeed - there is no reason for it.
(Depending on how your system is configured to run on the /400).
What I needed to setup is the user profile under which the /400 SAP jobs
are running. I found that out after setting up audit logging on the W2K
server and that finally showed me who is trying to access the shares on the
W2K box.

Done that, all I need to configure in AL11 is another directory pointing to
/qntc and the world is in order.

Now there still seems to be a little mystical problem.

Using OPEN DATASET FOR INPUT IN TEXT returns error code 8 (file not found)
open in Binary works, but then the data is unusable and I *think* I might
even read past the EOF,
causing EOF on the first read.

Anyone got that problem figured out?

Thanks again for all the hits


(SD Certified and not BASIS)

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