05049 - NTP Protocol

05049 - NTP Protocol

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NTP Protocol

Hi Crosby,
NTP became available on the iSeries at V5R1. It is configurable through
OPS NAV - servers - TCP - NTP but you must have the V5R1 version of
Ops Nav also. If this fits your environment let me know. I'm not sure how
familiar you are with setting this up... I don't know anything about it
but I could get you in touch with a group here who does have some
knowledge. Thanks.

Lisa Gargulak
Rochester Support Center
SAP ERP Support Representative
507-286-6084 T/L 456-6084
Internet: gargsZu...

"Crosby Sinclair"

<csinclaiZthomson To: sap400Zm...> cc:

Subject: NTP
02/12/2002 12:55


Please respond to

SAP on System i

Hello fellow saplings,

My question today is: is there a protocol on the 400 call N.T.P. (Network
Time Protocol) that I can configure to be the central control for our LAN
and WAN time? If so can I get some direction on how to set up this
protocol. Thanks again for you continuing help.

Crosby Sinclair
SAP/AS400 System Administrator
Thomson Industries Inc.
E-mail csinclairZt...
Phone (516) 944-1337
Fax (516) 944-7505

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