05058 - Remote Connectivity

05058 - Remote Connectivity

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Remote Connectivity


We are using VPN to remotely connect to network resources behind the
firewall. There was no special software/hardware required to also access
SAP. We just used our existing SAPLOGON.ini files. If you can ping your
SAP server dialed in via VPN, then you should be able to use SAP. You may
have to configure your VPN router to see the IP address(s) of your SAP

Joel Cox
Manager, Global Technical Services

"Erik Huot"

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Subject: Remote
02/13/2002 04:12 PM

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SAP on System i

Hi all,

I am in the process of setting up the connection with SAP over the

Has anybody in the group implemented a connection to SAP over the internet
yet? I am kind of lost here.

Although my current installation is already VPN capable, I am told I need
use the service of a third party (selective provider) in order to establish
the VPN link with SAP. Is this true? Why can't I use my existing VPN set
up with my own official IP address?

As an alternative, the SNC connection seems rather simple, should I
the SNC connection instead of VPN?

I already have some SAP documentation on SNC vs. VPN (dated march 2001) but
that doesn't tell me much about how this must be set up. Is there any
better documentation somewhere?

I guess I'd also need some sort of: "How to setup the SAProuter on the
ISeries for SNC connection" . Is there more than Note 30289 on the subject?

Also, if I go SNC, there doesn't seem to be a version of SAPCrypto for the
Iseries. Does that mean I can't go SNC on the ISeries?

Thank you very much for your input.

Erik Huot

South Shore Industries Ltd

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