05064 - Remote Connectivity

05064 - Remote Connectivity

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Remote Connectivity

Hi Volker,

I'm glad to hear SAP is planning to make SNC available for iSeries.

As more and more services are moving from OSS / sapservX to SAP
Marketplace, do you know how long remote connections to SAP support
will be available via 'the old fashioned way' (SAPROUTER installed on
iSeries + ISDN-Router with ISDN-Dial-up-line)?

Do you think SNC for iSeries will be available in time, or do we have
to switch to a Windows-NT based SAPROUTER-installation with SNC and
connection over the internet?

Kind regards,

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Hi Eric,

Martin is fully correct!
If you want to use SNC now, you would have to install the SAProuter and the
SNC lib (krypto-lib) on NT or Unix, because it is not available for iSeries
at the moment.
I will let you all know as sson this is available for the iSeries SAProuter
as well.



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