05082 - EDI OUTBOUND 856 advance ship notice

05082 - EDI OUTBOUND 856 advance ship notice

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EDI OUTBOUND 856 advance ship notice

Hi Charlie,

We are currently run SAP 40B w/ Harginger ev5.02.07 on V4R4 & V4R5.

I got the 856 to work, but it was a struggle. I don't remember
exactly all the problems, but it seemed to be with the edijobd1 &
sapatm jobs. If you still have the problem, send me the joblogs & I
will try to jog my memory.

Phillip Pugh
Webco Industries

PS. I think I bought my daughters' batting cage from you guys.

--- In SAP on System iZy..., Charlie Wright <cwrightZs...> wrote:
> We are on SAP 40B, OS V4R5, Harbinger EV5.03.03.
> We are trying to setup 856 DELVRY01 outbound advance ship notice
and are
> not having much luck. The job SAPATM is suppose to generate a
> error report and we are getting nothing. The joblog for SAPATM
when running
> a 856 looks almost identical to a SAPATM joblog for a 850 send PO.
> 850 send PO is working fine.
> Is anyone on this forum using Harbinger EDI and has outbound advance
> ship notice working?
> I have a open problem with Harbinger that has not been resolved yet.
> Any help would be appreciated.
> Thanks, Charlie
> Charlie Wright
> R3 Basis Administrator
> Sport Supply Group
> 972-406-7122
> cwrightZs...

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