05085 - 4.0B Kernel patch KERNEL_714

05085 - 4.0B Kernel patch KERNEL_714

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4.0B Kernel patch KERNEL_714

Hi Steve,

unfortunately this patch is no longer available as the CD is nearly a year
You should order the latest one.
If you had a very urgent problem, we could try and install the new patch to
the old CD on your site. But this would be a bit "hand-made".



-----Original Message-----
From: Jones, Stephen
To: ''
Sent: 17.02.02 14:52
Subject: 4.0B Kernel patch KERNEL_714

We have been less than proactive with our kernel patches and I now find
I require 40B kernel patch Kernel_714.

Note 49365 points me to SAPSERV3 and
however this area has been removed.
Under general/R3server/patches/rel40B/OS400/V4R1M0 only patches after
are available.

A full 802 patched Kernel was apparently released on CD 51013051. I do
seem to have this CD. Can I get the Kernel_714 save file anywhere
quickly ?

Regards Steve

Have a look to our homepage at:

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