05087 - DIA vs BTC Performance

05087 - DIA vs BTC Performance

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DIA vs BTC Performance

Hi, after bringing down R3 on Sunday, the report now takes only
about 10s to run.

Does this mean I can expect the run time to increase over time?


--- In SAP on System iZy..., "kiamlian" <kiamlianZp...> wrote:
> Hi, I have a report that ran for almost 30 minutes. Did a trace and
> found that it is using arrival sequence on GLPCA (which is growing
> about 140000 rows a day). Thus, I created an index for the table.
> After sending it to production, the report ran for less than 10
> minutes. By right, I should be happier. However, when I send the
> report to run in Background, the report took only about 10 seconds
> complete!
> Anybody has any idea why? TIA.
> akl.

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