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Hello Matt.

I saw your post on the list. This is what I received from the Development
team in Philly I beleive concerning DMC. We are planning on installing it
also on our 4.6C system.


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There should not be any mySAP Financials requirements other than DMC is not
a stand alone product and requires FI to run.
the DMC implementation steps are as followed.

1.Transports - There are a number of transport files that need to be
imported into your SAP system. These transport files contain the custom DMC
Objects that make up the core of the DMC product. The transports need to be
imported prior to the start of the SAP Object repairs. This is so that the
installers can properly syntax check and regenerate all of the objects
Resource Required: Basis Administrator

2. SAP Object Repairs - In addition to the transport of custom DMC Objects,
there will be a number of modifications (repairs) to standard SAP Objects.
The DMC installer will make all the necessary modifications to your system.
In order to accomplish this, the installer will require an access to OSS
from your system in order to obtain a Developer's Key as well as the
necessary Object Keys for the repairs.
Note: As the repairs occur, each SAP Object modified must not be previously
locked by another developer. Also, as the installer is modifying the SAP
Object, the SAP Object may not function properly until the installation is
Resource Required: Basis Administrator and Functional Analyst

3. Testing - After the installation of DMC is completed, the installer will
configure DMC with a number of Default and Test data. This data will be
used to test DMC to make sure that the installation was completed
successfully. At this time, the installer may require some assistance in
order to completely test certain transactions. Some of the information
required may be Company Code, Customer Account Numbers, G/L Account Numbers,
Cost Centers, etc. The installer will also require the assistance of a
Security Administrator in order to get the DMC Full Access Profile
(J_4I0_DMC001) assigned to the installer's User ID. This will allow access
to the DMC areas.
Resource Required: Functional Analyst (FI/SD) and Security Administrator
Thank you,

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Thanks again for the documentation. The next question that I have is what
is involved with the MySAP* Financials requirement and then the steps
involved for implementing DMC.

We are currently running 4.6C, with the FI, CO and ECCS modules.


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