05095 - Number of WPs per Instance

05095 - Number of WPs per Instance

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Number of WPs per Instance

Hopefully others will also share in how they have the WP's broken
down. I think we have an excess of BG processes defined, unsure if
excess WP's hurt performance, doea anyone know?.

We have two App Servers, each defined with: Diag=35, Upd=6, BG=8,
Spo=3, Up2=2. We don't have any users logging on to our DB server, we
do run some batch there and we have RFC's coming into it from outside
sources. Our DB server has Diag=10, Upd=6, Enq=2, BG=6, Spo=3, UP2=2.

We have all printing (other than local) running through the DB
server. We have 3 spool processes on each machine since the local
printing on the App servers require the spool process. We have
multiple spool process on each server in case one gets hung up, which
does happen once in awhile.

The number of WP's you have variers on users, transaction
rates ...etc. We currently are running about 300,000 Dialog
transactions per day. We have roughly 175 active users during the day
with about 700 users being signed on during the day.

As I stated earlier, hopefully others will respond. I'd like to see
what others are doing.

--- In SAP on System iZy..., "stracenerp" <stracenerpZy...> wrote:
> Hello,
> I have looked at OSS notes 9942 and 39412 regarding no. of WPs per
> instance. Note 9942 says for releases up to 4.5B the max is 69. I
> am wondering what you guys are doing. Would anyone, care to share
> the total WPs/and how they are broken down - DIA-BTC-UPD? Our app
> servers have 8BG on Main storage. I currently just changed one
> instance to have 29 DIA, 3 BTC, 6 UPD, 2 UP2, 1 SPO.
> I appreciate your help,
> Philip Stracener
> CV Industries

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