05107 - Create a directory in AL11

05107 - Create a directory in AL11

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Create a directory in AL11


I have the directories already in IFS but want to link them to a new
directory entry in AL11. On 4.6C I basically can create a
new "placeholder" in AL11 pointing to the directory in IFS. Creating
this "placeholder" is done with the "Configure" button in 4.6.
However, after that button does not exist in 4.0 I don't really know
how to create it there.

--- In SAP on System iZy..., "Sugg, Chris" <cgcsuggZn...> wrote:
> Hey Gerd.
> I'm not sure about the 4.0B system with AL11 but from the OS side,
you can
> type in the command MD or MKDIR to create a *DIR in the IFS file
> Chris
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> Subject: Create a directory in AL11
> Hi guys,
> on 4.6C I can create a new directory in AL11 with the configure
> button. What's the equipvalent on a 4.0B system, where there is no
> configure button on the screen?
> I checked for non-generated GUI statuses and screens on the 4.0B
> system but obviously that functionality is either not there or is
> done differently.
> Thanks
> Gerd
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