05110 - Page Faults - Anyway to reduce SAP Storage to Reduce Page Faults

05110 - Page Faults - Anyway to reduce SAP Storage to Reduce Page Faults

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Page Faults - Anyway to reduce SAP Storage to Reduce Page Faults

I goofed on my original message I posted, I forgot to add the MAXACT
values, I have since deleted the origianl message and added a new one
with those values. My MAXACT is set at 200, My Active-->Wait numbers
are 5000-7000 but the Active-->Inel is always 0. I read a OSS note
which said the MAXACT should be roughly 1.5 times the number of WP's.
I wasn't sure if it is the WP's for just the DB server or all WP's
from the DB and APP Servers. Each APP Server does have a APAIxxxx job
on the DB server, wasn't sure if these come into play with MAXACT or

Here are my numbers from WRKSYSSTS:


--- In SAP on System iZy..., "Anderson, Doreen" <dandersoZb...> wrote:
> What is your MAXACT setting for *BASE POOL?
> Our config is very similar with 2 app servers & all users on them
> Without knowing anymore details; sounds like your MAXACT is set too
> That is something that you would have to play with and observe
impact to the performance over time for each change made
> Below is a snapshot of our DB pool config
> MB Reserve MAXACT
> 1 879.32 586.30 +++++
> 2 11358.67 .08 200
> 3 50.00 .00 2
> Doreen Anderson
> Ball Horticultural Company
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> Sent: Monday, February 18, 2002 10:06 AM
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> Subject: Page Faults - Anyway to reduce SAP Storage
to Reduce Page Faults
> Our DB Server is a 9406-730 with 13gig memory. We have all users
> logging on to two app servers, we try not to have any users on the
> server. Our DB server 3 memory pools, *Machine=1gig, *base=11.9gig,
> *spool=.1gig. We basically have 12gig in *BASE which runs SAP. Our
> Non-DB page faults average 200-400 per second (via wrksyssts) and
> will sometimes peak 1000-2000 per second. I've read in various
> and manuals that the SAP memory definitions such as Program Buffer,
> Paging Area, Extended Memory, Number of WP's do not affect System
> Performance. Is this a true or did I just misunderstand what I've
> seen? Are there SAP buffers or other setting which I may have
> oversized and is causing the high Non-DB page faults? The sizing
> tools we've used indicates 12gig should enough. Before we go and
> purchase more memory we'd like to know if something can be cahnged
> reduce the amount of memory we are currently using. How much memory
> are others running on the DB server?
> Have a look to our homepage at:
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