05116 - Create a directory in AL11

05116 - Create a directory in AL11

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Create a directory in AL11

Hi Martin,

did you check the authority of these entries ?
Because SAP runs with SAPnn or SIDnn and show only the entries, that are
authorized for these users. I don't believe in a more sophisticated table.



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> Chris,
> the problem is not MKDIR, but rather the question why AL11
> does NOT list all the directories available under the root.
> Subsequently there must be a configuration or table where the
> *directories to be listed* are stored.
> In 4.6 there is a button to add directories, not so in 4.0.
> Since AL11 isn't listing everything under the sun, there must
> be some config.
> Maybe it's in customization in 4.0 and has since been moved
> from there?
> Or *BASIS* directories are configured in customization and
> everything else in AL11 in 4.6.
> I even went through some IFS configuration and was unable to
> find a list of the *BASIS* directories.
> In our case Gerd wants to have /QNTC right from the root and
> not somewhere added via a symbolic link.
> Martin

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