05163 - Tolerance Groups

05163 - Tolerance Groups

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Tolerance Groups

Hello gang.

Our auditors came up with an audit point regarding the use of tolerance
groups to take a manual process (expenditure authorization limit signoffs)
and use SAP controls to implement it.

They indicated that we could somehow use tolerance groups to further
restrict access to sensitive SAP consolidation activities. They indicated
that the tolerance groups could be used to restrict access and dollar limits
or by the types of FI/CO documents that personnel can process.

Is there a way to verify if using document types and/or authorization groups
can achieve this process?

An example would be Person A can authorize up to $5000, Person B can
authorize up to $7000 and Person C can authorize anything over $100000. How
can we use the suggested items above to force a check and balance into SAP.

Any help would be great.


Chris Sugg

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