05167 - Transporting local transports ($tmp)

05167 - Transporting local transports ($tmp)

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Transporting local transports ($tmp)

Hi, Matt.

A long way round would be to use transaction SE80. Click on the radion
button "Local priv. objects" and enter the user-id of a consultant. You
would have to do this for each of the consultants. Then click the Display
button. The next screen will bring up a screen with all their local objects
(in $tmp). You can click on any of the objects and then take menu option
"Development object - Reassign". This will then prompt you to change the
development class of the object. You enter your transport development class
here and you should be prompted for a transport number. The rest should be
as per normal process...

Hope this helps.

Des Olwage
Snr. Systems Administrator
Goodyear South Africa
Tel. +27 41 5055441
Cell. +27 82 824 6900


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Transporting local transports ($tmp)



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SAP on System i


We have a test box that has been upgraded tp 4.6c. Some of the
consultants have created transports that they want to save and re-apply
after the next restore/upgrade cycle.

Their transports are all local. How can I convert these local transports to
real ones that I can save off and transport back into the system after the
next upgrade.

I have tried creating a "transport of copies" via SE01 and included all 18
transports. The resulting data file created when the transport is released
is on 26k. I think that this is far too small for 18 transports.

Thanks in advance

Matt Milne

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