05183 - A few questions for the group

05183 - A few questions for the group

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A few questions for the group

Hi Craig,
About point 1, I agree with you. I've just transmitted that to SAP (in an
Infoday about SM, and to my account manager). But I think that my situation
is even worse than yours because we're in 40B, so we have to add a different
system in a different version and probably in a different platform and a
different DB. And what do I get? (a headache...) and an application to
manage different systems (etc..) which I think is fine, but I think I don't
need (we have a quite simple landscape). I think it's important to transmit
this to SAP if that's what you think.

Fernando Ubiria
GSB Grupo Siderurgico Vasco, S.A.

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I've saved up a few questions as sort of a straw poll just to see what
others are doing so rather than post them one at at time here they are:

1. What are your thoughts on the solution manager? I"ve got to admit that
I'm not too crazy about having another system mandated by SAP.

2. What are others experiencing for a frequency of SYSTEM_CORE_DUMP errors?
Ours vary but I would say 5 per day is a good day (we're on Kernel 46D
patch 797 with R/3 46B. Our most common ones come from DDIC and SAPCOM user

3. Is anyone else running BBP 2.0B on an AS/400? From what I understand we
are alone except for one other Wisconsin site (from what I can tell SAP
doesn't have one either).

4. How about BW on the AS/400? I'd like to discuss ours vs. yours with

5. Is anyone experiencing good performance on a transaction for a few days
after deleting SQL packs and then having it seem to forget how to optimize
from that point forward? Order search by PO is our problem one (VA03). IBM
is looking at it but it seems odd to me that it would change once it's
chosen a path.

Craig Welch
Brady Corp.

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