05197 - Problem with Vertex tax interface

05197 - Problem with Vertex tax interface

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Problem with Vertex tax interface

We are testing 46C, and in going from 31H Vertex 2.0 to the 46C
enviroment, we found Vertex's LIBRFC would not connect, but in their
library they had also deliveried a LIBRFCBCK. The LIBRFCBCK version
had to be renamed to LIBRFC for Vertex to run in the 46C enviroment.
I don't know if this is applicable in your case, but you might check.

--- In SAP on System iZy..., "rwc0225" <russ.cookZg...> wrote:
> We are attempting to upgrade our Vertex tax package to the new 2.1
> release of the software. We are currently running on release 4.5B
> SAP and V5R1 of OS400. After installing the new Vertex software, we
> have been unable to get the RFC connection to work in SM59. The
> error we receive in SM59 is a timeout error. We are suspecting
> there is a problem with the VERRFC program that get called or the
> LIBRFC service program. We have been unable to find any good error
> messages in the joblogs or the RFC trace. Is anyone on this group
> using release 2.1 of Vertex on a 45B system? I am thinking that
> perhaps the VERRFC program was created with a 46 version of LIBRFC
> but VERTEX support has been very poor in helping us determine the
> problem. Any ideas in determining the problem would be appreciated.
> Kind regards,
> Russ Cook

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