05202 - Problem with Vertex tax interface

05202 - Problem with Vertex tax interface

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Problem with Vertex tax interface

Hi Jim,

I have another question for you. When you migrated to release 2.0 of
Vertex, did you reconfigure a REG member in the translink file? On
our old version of Vertex, this member use to be called CFG. If you
have a new REG member, could you share with me the syntax for the
first 10 lines or so. Our's currently appears as follows:





--- In SAP on System iZy..., "jcummins1942" <jcumminsZy...> wrote:
> We are testing 46C, and in going from 31H Vertex 2.0 to the 46C
> enviroment, we found Vertex's LIBRFC would not connect, but in
> library they had also deliveried a LIBRFCBCK. The LIBRFCBCK
> had to be renamed to LIBRFC for Vertex to run in the 46C
> I don't know if this is applicable in your case, but you might
> --- In SAP on System iZy..., "rwc0225" <russ.cookZg...> wrote:
> > We are attempting to upgrade our Vertex tax package to the new
> > release of the software. We are currently running on release
> of
> > SAP and V5R1 of OS400. After installing the new Vertex software,
> > have been unable to get the RFC connection to work in SM59. The
> > error we receive in SM59 is a timeout error. We are suspecting
> that
> > there is a problem with the VERRFC program that get called or the
> > LIBRFC service program. We have been unable to find any good
> > messages in the joblogs or the RFC trace. Is anyone on this
> > using release 2.1 of Vertex on a 45B system? I am thinking that
> > perhaps the VERRFC program was created with a 46 version of
> > but VERTEX support has been very poor in helping us determine the
> > problem. Any ideas in determining the problem would be
> >
> > Kind regards,
> > Russ Cook

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