05218 - Backup of Journalreceivers

05218 - Backup of Journalreceivers

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Backup of Journalreceivers

Hi all

another poll to the group:

I wonder, how you out there do manage the backup/archive of your JRNRCVs?
How much traffic do you have on your journal?
How often and in which way do you backup your receivers?

The background of my questions:

Once we used BRMS function "Archive" to handle the daily backup of our R/3
JRNRCVs. But it happened sometimes that our PRD system came to a complete
hold because of the Archive job locked the entire PRD journal, so the
current RCV couldn't get changed when it reached its threshold. Msg CPI70E5
"Journal or Journalreceiver not available" was issued.

An additional reason for that conflict was the fact, that the rate of RCV
changes on our system is at some times of day very high (less than 5 min.),
so when the Backup Job runs for about 10-15 minutes, the current receiver is
guaranteed to crash against the wall...

Finally we set a manual procedure which is still in use today:

WRKJRNA to check, what JRNRCVs are in status ONLINE
SBMJOB with command SAVOBJBRM where the known receiver numbers are entered.
This way we make sure, that all the receivers which will be attached during
the backup will not get locked
Last step: Delete all saved receivers also manually.

But this manual input is risky (the human IT-component...) and sure enough -
this week we had another PRD stop, because of accidentially saving the wrong
receiver-number. Now we think of an alternative, fully or partly automatted.

Any insight will help, thanks a lot in advance.

Franz Lehnardt
AS/400 & R/3 Basis Administration
EGG IT Services GmbH
Eschborn, Germany
Tel. ++49 (0) 6196 477-360
Fax ++49 (0) 6196 477-776

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