05220 - Backup of Journalreceivers

05220 - Backup of Journalreceivers

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Backup of Journalreceivers

Hi Franz,

I would recommend the following:


Then the journal receivers can grow up to 1 GB, because I guess, that the
problem is, that the system is not able to change the receiver before it
reached 2GB which is normally the maximum.



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> Subject: Backup of Journalreceivers
> Hi all
> another poll to the group:
> I wonder, how you out there do manage the backup/archive of
> your JRNRCVs?
> How much traffic do you have on your journal?
> How often and in which way do you backup your receivers?
> The background of my questions:
> Once we used BRMS function "Archive" to handle the daily
> backup of our R/3
> JRNRCVs. But it happened sometimes that our PRD system came
> to a complete
> hold because of the Archive job locked the entire PRD journal, so the
> current RCV couldn't get changed when it reached its
> threshold. Msg CPI70E5
> "Journal or Journalreceiver not available" was issued.
> An additional reason for that conflict was the fact, that the
> rate of RCV
> changes on our system is at some times of day very high (less
> than 5 min.),
> so when the Backup Job runs for about 10-15 minutes, the
> current receiver is
> guaranteed to crash against the wall...
> Finally we set a manual procedure which is still in use today:
> WRKJRNA to check, what JRNRCVs are in status ONLINE
> SBMJOB with command SAVOBJBRM where the known receiver
> numbers are entered.
> This way we make sure, that all the receivers which will be
> attached during
> the backup will not get locked
> Last step: Delete all saved receivers also manually.
> But this manual input is risky (the human IT-component...)
> and sure enough -
> this week we had another PRD stop, because of accidentially
> saving the wrong
> receiver-number. Now we think of an alternative, fully or
> partly automatted.
> Any insight will help, thanks a lot in advance.
> Franz Lehnardt
> AS/400 & R/3 Basis Administration
> EGG IT Services GmbH
> Eschborn, Germany
> Tel. ++49 (0) 6196 477-360
> Fax ++49 (0) 6196 477-776

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