05228 - SAP on AS/400

05228 - SAP on AS/400

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SAP on AS/400


Here's a couple of links to IBM sites that might provide some of the
information you have requested.

You can also send questions to erp400Zu....


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From: luis_m_carranza [mailto:luis_m_carranzaZy...]
Sent: Tuesday, 26 February, 2002 8:54 AM
Subject: SAP on AS/400

My name is Luis Carranza. I work for PricewaterhouseCooperse. We have
a potential client evaluating SAP on the IBM AS/400 platform and I
am looking for any information specific to the platform.

Things like:

a) number of installed SAP systems/ total SAP installs
b) reference clients running SAP on AS/400
c) maximum size of a Productive SAP on AS/400 platform
d) anything technically unique about AS/400 SAP

Basically anything that would make the platform more or less
desirable for an SAP implementation.

I will appreciate if you could provide me with that information or
point me to the place(s) where I can find that information.

Luis Carranza
Pricewaterhouse Coopers

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