05232 - Digest Number 457

05232 - Digest Number 457

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Digest Number 457

Dave, you can control "customizing" of tables in 4.6C by the IMG - if the
client is set to PRODUCTION then all you have to do is set the flag CURRENT
SETTINGS and CLIENT-SPECIFIC. To do this proceed as follows:

1. Find IMG Activity in SPRO
2. Highlight Activity (Example - Enter Exchange Rates) and go to EDIT >
3. Click on Maint. Objects tab
4. Double click on table/view name in the section Assigned Objects
(Customizing Object)
5. Make sure the fields Current-settings (under Object attributes) and
Client-specific (under derived attributes) are BOTH checked.

This is how SAP allows customizing in a Production client even though the
client settings are locked down. I have changed these for things like EDI
tables where the data is dependent on a customer number that would only
ever get created in production.

Bob Desaulniers
IBM Global Services
ERP IT Consultant

Message: 17
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2002 08:45:35 +0000 (GMT)
From: Dave Knaggs <dave_knaggsZy...>
Subject: table access in a non modifiable client


SAP ver 46c.
I am trying to allow access to tables such as TCURR in
a non modifiable client (such as in production) is
there any way anyone has come across. In Development
you cannot change the table in a client which is non
modifiable even though the user has SAP_ALL.

Thanks in advance,


Bob DeSaulniers
Senior Consultant
IBM Global Services, ERP Consulting Practice
413-846-4602 (8/246-4602)
413-218-6458 (Cellphone)

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