05240 - AS400 Config

05240 - AS400 Config

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AS400 Config

Hi, Crosby.

Just remember that if you ADD 17GB drives, you lessen the number of
"virtual" drives in your system. For example, if you have 100 8.5GB drives
and add 20 17GB drives, you will increase the amount of space by the 20 x
17GB, but the number of disk arms (actuators) becomes 8.5/17 x 100 + 20 =
70 drives (virtual) instead of what you would expect - 120 drives. This is
because of the way the different size disks start behaving when mixing
different sizes in an ASP. The smaller size disk tries to behave as the
larger disk. IBM recommends that IF you do add different size disks, not to
add them to the same ASP AND don't use a disk size that is more than twice
the size of the existing disks.

As I'm sure you know, the iSeries requires a minimum number of disk arms,
especially when running SAP, in order to perform optimally. When adding
different size disks, you inevitably will lessen the number of (virtual)
arms, which will cause a negative performance impact.

Check out the document at

Also, there is a document describing the number of required disk arms at

(See attached file: arm_count.htm)

Hope this helps...

Des Olwage
Snr. Systems Administrator
Goodyear South Africa
Tel. +27 41 5055441
Cell. +27 82 824 6900


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<csinclaiZthomso cc:> Subject: AS400

28/02/2002 00:05

Please respond

to SAP on System i

Hello fellow SAP collogue,

We are currently specking out a new AS400 for my company that will
accommodate multi-systems. One of the offer that was on the table by IBM
is to add 17 gig drives to increase the amount of space. My question to
you is: are there any company out there using the 17 gig drive in their
production environment and if so how is the response and how many users
does it support.

Another question that came up in our meeting is third party solution for
Archiving. If anyone is using a third party for Archiving please let me
know the company so I can further research.

Thanking all of you in advance.

Crosby Sinclair
Basis Cordinator/AS400 System Administrator
Thomson Industries Inc.
E-mail csinclairZt...
Phone (516) 944-1337
Fax (516) 944-7505

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