05242 - Valid Test Data for QAS

05242 - Valid Test Data for QAS

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Valid Test Data for QAS

Hi All,

This enquiry may be totally unfeasible but here goes:

We have been live with SAP on our produciton system for just under a
year now but the last time we refreshed the data in QAS from the
produciton environment was 2 months after go live. The issue now is
that the production database is too big to be copied and restored
onto our QAS system, our QAS box would not be able to cope with the
amount of data we would now have in one client (let alone the 4 QAS
clients we currently need for ongoing projects).

Does anyone know of a way of getting a cut-down version of the
database with up to date data (i.e. dropping some of the older data),
rather than going back to 2 months worth of old data. Archiving is
not an option as this is one of the projects currently underway and
we need to refresh the data ASAP.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated as we currently can't find a
way of doing this ourselves,

Louise Moloney

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