05243 - AS400 Config

05243 - AS400 Config

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AS400 Config

Hello Crosby,

we have a customer with a mix of 4 x 4GB, 28 x 8.5GB (18 6713 and 10 6717)
and 4 x 17GB disks. Some of the disks are still from 1996 when we started
the SAP project. Performance analysis shows that there are no performance
problems . We have disk response times of 7 - 12 milliseconds on ASP1 (SAP)
and 2 ms on ASP2 (jounal receivers) even with the old 6607 disks. During
normal operations disks are busy between 3 and 8%.
We run a nightly job STRASPBAL *USAGE with a three hour time limit. This
should move less frequently used data to the slower disks. It can run while
SAP is up but it does slow down the system. In order to be able to run this
you will have to run a daily TRCASPBAL to gather information about what
data is used how often.

For comparison:

730 8-way
6 GB main memory
250 logged on users
V4R5M0 and 4.0B
4 million dialog steps per month
4 billion database accesses per month
dialog reponse time 500ms
DB access time 0.4 ms

With kind regards / Mit freundlichen Grüssen / Avec mes salutations

Fredi Staerk

Internet mailto:fstaZc...

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