05247 - Network response time

05247 - Network response time

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Network response time

Transaction STAD
Select "Show all statistic records, sorted by start time"
Enter Date; Time; Time
Task type = D
Resp. time >= (pick something like 4000)
Mark "Include statistics from memory"

After the data is displayed.....
Choose "Sel Fields"
Remove field - Wait Time
Add field - # of roundtrips; GUI time; Terminal out message

I like to download to a spreadsheet

Analyzing the data..............

GUI time / Terminal Out-message = seconds per KB (transfer rate) What is the
difference between a locally attached user and a remotely attached user?

GUI time on locally attached users is usually 0
Review difference between Response Time & GUI TIME

If response time = 10 seconds; GUI TIME = 8 seconds - the remotely attached user
is waiting 10 seconds for something that a locally attached user waits 2 seconds

No. of roundtrips = the higher this number the more times it took going back and
forth to get the data transferred

Looking at identical transactions; this is usually 0-1 on locally attached
users; could be 10-20 on remotely attached users

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Subject: Network response time

Hello Guys,

I'm currently working on a project where in some users are in remote
locations. In an Oil and Gas company some of the SAP users could be
in oil rigs miles and miles away from shore. My question is, Is there
a way in SAP to check for the network's response time? It seems that
from ST03 the network response time is not taken into consideration.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Best regards,
Jerry Escobia.

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