05256 - FW: Lock table issue

05256 - FW: Lock table issue

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FW: Lock table issue

Hi Eric,

I think CPE3484 is really a weared error message. But as you are describing
the problem seems to appear if you stop system #01 (perhaps as well if you
start system #01), I guess, you might have a problemin the default profile.
You should have a look to the CLEANIPC in there (normally at the startup AND
at the end). I would guess, that you see there in system# 01 the instance
number of system #02.

Are both systems 4.6C? If not, are at least moreor less new kernel-patches
under both systems ?

You might want to check the shared memories as follows for both systems:
Call Kernel-Lib/cleanipc ('nn' 'show') (nn = instance number)
Then you should compare this to the state, when you stopped system#01 and
the problem reoocurs. It should only disappear the shared memories for
system #01 and NOT for system #02.

Good luck,


-----Original Message-----
From: Erik Huot
To: Gueldenpfennig, Volker
Sent: 01.03.02 19:22
Subject: TR: Lock table issue

Hi Volker, I sent the following message 4 hours ago to
sap400Zm... <mailto:sap400Zm...> but it seems it hadn't
been distributed to the list yet. So I figured I'd send it to you
directly instead since you're the guru anyway.

Best Regards,

Erik Huot
Southshore Industries Ltd

Hello every one,

I have a weird problem and I'm wondering if anybody ever faced the same

I just installed a second system (4.6C) on the same box (V5R1) in a
different ASP and just a few seconds after being started the system log

GEF Error setting up the lock table

An error occurred in the initialization phase of lock management
when setting up the lock table.

Possible causes:

1) Parameter setting in the system profile. The chosen size of the
lock table was too small.
Parameter name: enque/table_size, default size: 0.5 MB
2) Initialization of the semaphore produces an error.
It is possible that no further semaphores are available in the
operating system.
(See the trace file "dev_w<work process-no.>" for further details)
3) Initialization of the shared memory produces an error.
There are no more shared memory segments available in the operating
system or an insufficient swap area is available.
(See the trace file "dev_w<work process-no.> for further details)
4) A lock table which has already been created has invalid
5) The initialization of the lock table was in another work
process was not completed after 60 seconds.

You must always stop the system, eliminate the cause of error and

After a while the my dialog WP simply kicks me out and a popup window
tells me: Workproze~durchgestarted(Modus abgebrochen).

I tried increasing the enque/table_size parameter as suggested but its
no use.

I looked at the trace file "dev_w<work process-no.> but all it says is:
I *** ERROR => ShmOsCreate: shmget(15034,20480000,66047) errno 3484
(3484: A damaged object was encountered.) [shmo4.c 924]

Each of my system uses about 20% of its respective ASP with 4 Gb. of
available memory.

My system #1 never has this problem even when running both systems
concurrently .
Even when stopping the system #1 and running system #2 alone, I still
have this same issue with system #2.
System #2 worked well for a full day before starting doing this. (with
system #1 active as well)

Anyone has any idea about what did I do wrong?

Best Regards,

Erik Huot
Southshore Industries Ltd

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