05265 - FW: Memory/buffer problem

05265 - FW: Memory/buffer problem

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FW: Memory/buffer problem

Hi Victor,

em/max_size_MB only works on NT. So, you would have to increase the EM with
the parameter em/initial_size_MB. I would suggest, to set this for a first
guess to 20 GB. Please read note 371029 for this as well.

If you have increased the EM, you could increase the parameter
em/global_area_MB as well. Especially, if it is still the default. This is
described in note 329021. But you can increase this as high you want. I
would suggest, you should increase it to 1024, even when the note say only
up to 255.

Did you check ST02, if you had buffer-swaps, because you should increase
these values as well then.

Hope, this helps a bit.


P.S.: Please reply to me as well, because consolut seems to be a bit down.

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> From: Lin, Qiang [mailto:vqiangZp...]
> Sent: Dienstag, 5. März 2002 16:53
> To: ''
> Subject: Memory/buffer problem
> Importance: High
> Hello everyone,
> We just got the largest plant go-live through the last
> weekend, and we are
> having memory/buffer problem now because of the increased
> number of the
> users.
> 1. We got "No storage for stat" in SM21 and
> Note 329021 suggests to upgrade kernel to 956 or higher and increase
> em/global_area_MB. We are planning to apply patch 1017 to the
> system asap.
> Does anyone have any issue with that kernel patch? Has anyone
> applied note
> 329021 before?
> 2. We set em/initial_size_MB as 8096 and em/max_size_MB as
> 19456. But in
> ST02, the max extended memory is still 8G, and we got PRIV
> mode yesterday.
> We consider applying Note 371029 to increase
> em/initial_size_MB beyond 8G.
> Have anyone done it before?
> Any suggestion is highly appreciated!
> Thank you in advance!
> Victor
> SAP Basis Admin
> Plastipak
> Have a look to our homepage at:
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