05272 - Digest Number 464

05272 - Digest Number 464

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Digest Number 464

I have installed kernel patch 1017 and changed profile parameters as

em/global_area_MB = 255
em/initial_size_MB = 12000 (this is virtual memory, not real memory)

The No storage for Stat problem went away. No other problems so far.

Bob Desaulniers
IBM Global Services
ERP Consulting Services

Message: 1
Date: Tue, 5 Mar 2002 10:53:18 -0500
From: "Lin, Qiang" <vqiangZp...>
Subject: Memory/buffer problem

Hello everyone,

We just got the largest plant go-live through the last weekend, and we are
having memory/buffer problem now because of the increased number of the

1. We got "No storage for stat" in SM21 and "SPOOL_NO_CONVERSION" in ST22.
Note 329021 suggests to upgrade kernel to 956 or higher and increase
em/global_area_MB. We are planning to apply patch 1017 to the system asap.
Does anyone have any issue with that kernel patch? Has anyone applied note
329021 before?

2. We set em/initial_size_MB as 8096 and em/max_size_MB as 19456. But in
ST02, the max extended memory is still 8G, and we got PRIV mode yesterday.
We consider applying Note 371029 to increase em/initial_size_MB beyond 8G.
Have anyone done it before?

Any suggestion is highly appreciated!

Thank you in advance!
SAP Basis Admin

Bob DeSaulniers
Senior Consultant
IBM Global Services, ERP Consulting Practice
413-846-4602 (8/246-4602)
413-218-6458 (Cellphone)

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