05281 - "interactive card", how important for R/3

05281 - "interactive card", how important for R/3

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"interactive card", how important for R/3

Hi Volker,

We have no problems at all with zero interactive performance at V4R5.
Running multiple interactive sessions simultaneously does not hurt at all as
long as the sessions aren't too cpu intensive.
What are the restrictions for this in V5R2? Is this documented somewhere?


Tom van Rooyen

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Hi Peter and Rudi,

you are absolutely right that the SAP system can run without any interactive
feature. You only should keep in mind an installation or upgrade. There you
sometimes work with green-screens. As long as you only work with exactly 1
green-screen this is fine as well.
But as soon as you look wiht a second like WRKACTJOB for the proceeding,
this can already hurt, especially because this 0CPW feature gets strongly
reduced more to zero with V5R2! So, if you do have 0, be aware only to work
with one green-screen in parallel.



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> Subject: RE: "interactive card", how important for R/3
> Hi!
> For running R/3 you don't need any interactive CPW,
> because R/3 workload is 100 % batch workload.
> So you need no interactive feature for your server.
> Kind regards
> Rudi
> BTW: Our mail server is still unable to
> process postings to sap400Zm....
> Sorry for that, but it 's beyond my power...
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> Subject: "interactive card", how important for R/3
> It is my understanding that the "interactive card" (in an AS/400 or an
> iSeries) is the device that governs how much of you
> processing capacity
> (CPWs) you can devote to interactive work. (... and of course, you pay
> for that)
> What is the meaning/relevance/importance in the R/3 context,
> considering
> that the work is done in the "work-processes" that run as
> "batch-immediate", not as "interactive"?

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