05301 - Smart forms AS400 printer

05301 - Smart forms AS400 printer

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Smart forms AS400 printer


you should keep in mind, that IBMEFP3 is the driver, that is used for AFP.
So, you need AFP printing environment and a lot more programs applied. As
this then calls the CMD CVTPRTDTA and sets it automatically to OK, you do
have the effect, that in problem situations, you won't find errors.
But you should find the not printed files in /usr/sap/<sid>/<inst>/data .
After correctly being printed, they are deleted there from CVTPRTDTA. I
would suggest, to call CVTPRTDTA against one of the files manually and have
a lok to the error message.



> -----Original Message-----
> From: tathe67 [mailto:h.tatschZs...]
> Sent: Freitag, 8. März 2002 10:29
> To:
> Subject: Smart forms AS400 printer
> Hi group,
> We try to print our outputs with smartforms via the printer driver
> IBMEFP3 for the AS400. The R3 system create a spoolfile, but the
> spool won´t be transfered to the OS400 spool. The R3 system tells
> everything OK but on the OS400 are no logs or error messages
> existing. When we print via the windows printer driver for frontend
> everything is ok. Does anybody has a clue regarding this problem.
> Thanks for help.
> best regards
> Helmut Tatsch
> SAP Basis and Systemadmin.
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