05309 - tape drive

05309 - tape drive

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tape drive

Hi all,

We are currently running R/3 4.6c SR2, SEM BW 2.1C and
SEM BCS on 4.6C SR2. We have partitioned our iSeries
into 3 partitions SAPDEV (3 development instances),
SAPTEST (3 test instances) and SAPPROD (3 development
instances). We run offline backups of our SAP
libraries to savf and copy the savf to tape the next
morning. My problem is that I only have one tape
device (contains 10 tapes). My question is how can I
make this tape device available to all partitions
without manually moving it to each partition. I want
to automate this process.

Thank you in advance,

Strini Mudaly
Tel : 781 354 1312

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