05359 - Sizing on EMC

05359 - Sizing on EMC

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Sizing on EMC

Hello Jay. I doubt that there is any reason to change the rules just
because you use EMC drives. The reason for the ASP2 is to isolate
journal receivers. This aids performance and gives better protection
in case of disk problems. It is also recomended to mirror the ASP 2
instead of using RAID5 for performance reasons. If you have more than
one instance of SAP, you need a separate ASP defined for each journal.
Most of this information is found in the IBM Redbook "Implementing SAP
R3 on OS/400" (SG24 4672-03) available online.
Sizing is an issue determined more by the potential activity of the
SAP system and your plan to backup and delete the receivers. I suggest
at least 2 mirrored drives for a small to medium system.
Hope this helps. Good Luck

--- In SAP on System iZy..., Jay Manda <mandajkZy...> wrote:
> Hi
> We are working on sizing of our SAP systems which
> will be installed on EMC external disks. We have some
> questions for clarification.
> Do we really need ASP 2 when we have an EMC disk
> storage system ?
> If ASP 2 is required what can be the minimum size for
> ASP 2 on EMC ?
> Any help on this is appreciated.
> Thanks for your help,
> Jay
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