05369 - R3 / Lotus Domino Integration

05369 - R3 / Lotus Domino Integration

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R3 / Lotus Domino Integration

Hello All-
We have a project on the table to elctronically send POs and customer
acknowledgements through an e-mail system. We are soon (May) to
upgrade to 4.6c. We use Domino Version 5 as our e-mail system (not
on the 400).

Question is - Does anybody use the connectivity tools available from
Lotus to send email versions of POs or Customer documents? The Lotus
Connector for SAP R/3 version 1.6 is now available. This package
includes the Lotus Connector for SAP R/3, Domino Access for SAP
Business Workflow and the Domino Mail Transfer Agent for SAP R/3.

I know there are products like Topcall and CAE to do this but they
require specialized and sometimes proprietary servers to accomplish
the e-mail task. I would prefer to use existing systems if possible.

Ideas / experiences would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance - John

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