05373 - R3 / Lotus Domino Integration

05373 - R3 / Lotus Domino Integration

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R3 / Lotus Domino Integration


We are setting up the business connector for this kind communication. This is
our first experience.

We have a delivery document. We attach a message wich creates an IDOC. This IDOC
is sent immediately to our business connector. The business connector translates
the document to XML, sends it immediately to our SMTP server. Now an e-mail is
created with an XML attachment.

This works great and it is very flexible. You don't need to create an XML
document. I can be a flat text file, the same IDOC, ....



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Hello All-
We have a project on the table to elctronically send POs and customer
acknowledgements through an e-mail system. We are soon (May) to
upgrade to 4.6c. We use Domino Version 5 as our e-mail system (not
on the 400).

Question is - Does anybody use the connectivity tools available from
Lotus to send email versions of POs or Customer documents? The Lotus
Connector for SAP R/3 version 1.6 is now available. This package
includes the Lotus Connector for SAP R/3, Domino Access for SAP
Business Workflow and the Domino Mail Transfer Agent for SAP R/3.

I know there are products like Topcall and CAE to do this but they
require specialized and sometimes proprietary servers to accomplish
the e-mail task. I would prefer to use existing systems if possible.

Ideas / experiences would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance - John

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