05376 - R3 / Lotus Domino Integration

05376 - R3 / Lotus Domino Integration

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R3 / Lotus Domino Integration

Yes, we use the Connector Tools. We are currently running SAP 4.6C
and use Domino version 5 running on NT. We are using the follwoing
pieces of the Tools:
1. SAP Connector - this gives us the ability to run SAP transactions
from Notes. We don't use this much, more playing with it now.
2. SAP Workflow - This is heavily used, we do all Workflows from Notes
3. MTA - This gives us the email. We use this for several internal
notifications. The customer acknowledgments and PO's have been
configured and are being tested.

We have the email set to Notes via SAPConnect. If Notes has a problem
sending the email to internal/external users the failure notification
is sent to the requestors Notes inbox NOT back to SAP Office.

We do everything with existing tools from Lotus and SAP, we did not
have to spend anything for this. We are using the "internet address"
for the recepient type, we are not using the X.400 or Remote Mail
types. I was invlovled with setting up the SAPConnector and getting
the system configured to send the emails. I was not involved much
with the cfg settings to give the users the email option for PO's and

If you want more info, feel free to email me.

--- In SAP on System iZy..., "jkelly_rehau" <john.kellyZr...> wrote:
> Hello All-
> We have a project on the table to elctronically send POs and
> acknowledgements through an e-mail system. We are soon (May) to
> upgrade to 4.6c. We use Domino Version 5 as our e-mail system (not
> on the 400).
> Question is - Does anybody use the connectivity tools available
> Lotus to send email versions of POs or Customer documents? The
> Connector for SAP R/3 version 1.6 is now available. This package
> includes the Lotus Connector for SAP R/3, Domino Access for SAP
> Business Workflow and the Domino Mail Transfer Agent for SAP R/3.
> I know there are products like Topcall and CAE to do this but they
> require specialized and sometimes proprietary servers to accomplish
> the e-mail task. I would prefer to use existing systems if
> Ideas / experiences would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks in advance - John

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