05381 - MCH6801 error during upgrade to 46C SR2

05381 - MCH6801 error during upgrade to 46C SR2

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MCH6801 error during upgrade to 46C SR2

Hi Volker,

Yes, I am running on V5R1 with all the latest group ptfs, cum, and
SAP info apar ptfs applied. I will try updating the kernel from

Kind regards,
Russ Cook

--- In SAP on System iZy..., "Gueldenpfennig, Volker"
<volker.gueldenpfennigZs...> wrote:
> Hi Russ,
> are you by any chance doing the upgrade on V5R1 ? Then you might at
> try to update the kernel to the latest version.
> Unfortunately I haven't had such a problem by now.
> Regards
> Volker
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> From: rwc0225
> To: SAP on System iZy...
> Sent: 18.03.02 15:44
> Subject: MCH6801 error during upgrade to 46C SR2
> I am in the process of upgrading one of our 45B systems to 46C SR2.
> My upgrade has stopped in phase STARTR3_NBAS with a MCH6801 error.
> This error states:
> Message . . . . : Object domain or hardware storage protection
> violation.
> Cause . . . . . : An attempt was made to use a blocked
> or to access a protected object. The object that was accessed is
> WP00 UPG06 017510. The space class is X'00'. The space
> class designates the type of
> space as follows: 00-primary associated space (includes space
> objects).....
> I then receive a series of MCH0602 errors and the R3 system will not
> start up for this upgrade phase. I wonder if anyone else has
> encountered this type of error when upgrading to 46C SR2. I am
> the 46D kernel CD that came with the upgrade kit. Per the upgrade
> instructions, I have updated R3UP and R3TRANS in the R3UP library
> it did not state to apply any patches to the 46D kernel.
> Have a look to our homepage at:
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