05383 - MCH3601, MCH0602 errors during upgrade

05383 - MCH3601, MCH0602 errors during upgrade

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MCH3601, MCH0602 errors during upgrade

Hi Russ,

normally there are no obejcts duplicate in the patches on sapserv or the
marketplace. At the moment, there is an exception of the rule with SAPOSCOL,
that is in the KERNEL-Patch as well, because of a major necessary change.
But you can be sure, that both versions are the same. So, it doesn't matter
in what order you load the patches.

You should always update at least KERNEL and LIB_DBSL. Then the "normal
SAP-Systrem" is fine. Everything else are more or less rarely used
executables. In order to reduce the problems on your site, TP and R3TRANS
are always a good choice, during upgrades R3LOAD as well.

All other are normally only necessary, if problems occur. But you can update
them all!


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To: Gueldenpfennig, Volker
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Subject: MCH3601, MCH0602 errors during upgrade

Hi Volker,

I just wanted to give you an update on the problem I had below. I
the 46D "kernel" from sapserv4 but I was still receiving mch3601 and
mch0602 errors when starting SAP during the upgrade. I later applied
lib_dbsl patch from sapserv4 and now SAP will start up so I can continue
my upgrade. I do have a question in regards to the patches on the
directory. Is it always good practice to apply all the patches listed
there? I am somewhat confused as to what patches get placed in the
"kernel" save file and what does not. Is there a possibility that the
objects exists in both the kernel save file and also in one of the
individual save files like lib_dbsl? If so, how do you know which is

Kind regards,

Russ Cook

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