05391 - FW: SAPGUI

05391 - FW: SAPGUI

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Hi Jan,

it can be found at the 6.10 SAPGUI Patches on the SAP Service Marketplace.
You could use the following site as well:

Sorry, but I don't know what is included in comp 3. You can check with
starting the SAPLOGON, left mouse-key on the left-top and than !about
saplogon". Then you see a file-version. The first is 6100 for 6.10. The
second is the compilation and the third is the current patch-number, you are
having installed.



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From: Jan de Rooij
Sent: 19.03.02 21:17
Subject: FW: SAPGUI

Hi all,

Just a simple question: we use the SAP GUI 6.10 compilation 3.
The GUI patch # 18 is available now.
Where can be found which patches are already included in compilation 3?


Jan de Rooij

Have a look to our homepage at:

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