05395 - DB400

05395 - DB400

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As "DB2/400" which is now named "DB2 UDB for iSeries"
has always been an integrated part of OS/400, it also
has no separate version or release number.
Therefore your DB2 version is V4R5M0.

In the past, there was at least one "subrelease" of DB2
released by means of a DB2 group PTF, so one could state
his or her DB2 release like VnRnMnLn, where Ln is the number
of the used group PTF.


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Hello fellow sapling,

My question today should be a simple one. How can I tell what version
of DB400 I'm running. I'm currently on OS V4R5M0 and running R3 3.1I
and being that I do not have a DB Administrator your help will be
greately appreciated. Thanks for your help.

Crosby Sinclair
Basis Administrator/AS400 System Administrator
Thomson Industries Inc.
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Phone (516) 944-1337
Fax (516) 944-7505

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