05404 - How much time takes STROBJCVN?

05404 - How much time takes STROBJCVN?

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How much time takes STROBJCVN?

Hello Andre,
I remember clearly over Christmas holiday having to wait
at least three hours for this STROBJCVN to complete. Our R3 data
library was about 40 Gig. The AS400 is only a 2way processor model
730. One trick to running this command in QINTER is to allocate more
to its storage pool. Otherwise the usual SAP setup is to have a very small
pool for QINTER.

I advise you to be sure you have available each required IBM PTF
for V5R1. In case you need updated information on that, go to:

Good luck.

--- In SAP on System iZy..., "andre_honma" <andre.honmaZf...> wrote:
> Hello all!
> I will upgrade to V5R1 and I saw some OSS notes about this and
> other cases here, at SAP on iSeries.
> I would like to know how much time takes STROBJCVN command,
> I have aproximately 80GB on R3<SID>DATA. I read on a message from
> Volker Gueldenpfennig which in a customer it took about 40 minutes.
> Are there any other tips about upgrade? Thanks for all!
> Best Regards,
> Andre Koji Honma (mailto:andre.honmaZf...)

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